Without a woman!

Also the words that a woman’s mouth speaks to us from the soul can define her beauty, that beauty that is superior to the external one, the one that tells us about her being; because each one is different from the other, with its own magic, its charms and its grace. Listening to her speak makes me think of angels; it is that beautiful and sensual sound of her voice, like the sensual sound of the rain that is born from a gray sky and that falls on the roofs and roofs of those houses covered by the darkness of the night. The mystery of the woman’s voice enchants our soul, sweet sound like the song or the trill of the bird wet by the rain on the tree branch. Divine creature, the one that made us God! I can’t imagine life without it, I can’t imagine living without it; does not find without a woman, inspiration the soul, does not have the passion heart without a woman, nor that spark that inside the chest, ignites the life to us. You were wise, divine creator! Because in a woman, you gave me an eternal motive and more than a thousand reasons, to be with you, eternally grateful, very grateful. By Derwell J Fallu


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