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I wrote the following, for the indignation and courage I feel against the tyrant and dictator of Nicolás Maduro and his curse regime. This one that has put an entire nation to suffer and caused so many Venezuelan brothers to die prematurely. The one who has stolen, looted and gifted the wealth of a country, which everyone knew, as the richest and most stable country in South America, making it, sadly and incredibly, one of the poorest and most unstable countries in the world.

This is why I wrote below, some Venezuelan slaves of the Maduro regime, laugh at me and make fun of me. They say that Puerto Ricans are slaves and lackeys of the United States of America. But something I say with complete certainty, that Puerto Ricans are not slaves of anyone. Before we fly high like the eagle, we go and come where we want. We are grateful to the United States, because it does not mistreat us; before it protects and takes care of us, it gives us and does not take us away. When from our town, anyone who tries to abuse, the feds come and put order and begin to arrest. If some complain about them, they will do it for unjustified hatred, for unfounded contempt, because they do not know how to be grateful, and recognize, that because of our alliance with the United States, we are not a country lost in misery, in poverty, like so many countries of the world and Latin America. Now, I leave you with my download:

It is not only Maduro, nor the dwarf Lenguon de Cabello, but also by people like you, who do not denounce the criminals of the regime, that Venezuela by the ravine is leaving. More people are needed in the army of that country, who love to see their homeland more on the route of a better future for all its citizens, than to love to live from the enslaving misery of a curse regime. Venezuela agonizes! Because of the greed of an evil regime, which its citizens have stolen from their dreams. Venezuela is sinking in the swamp, because of the cruelty of a tyrant, who found a way to tear the patriotic love from the chest of the soldiers! The passion and honor of serving his homeland ripped from his soul, turning them into lackeys, slaves of misery and puppets of a violent and perverse tyranny. Where will it come from, oh! Venezuela your help; if the sick die, if the young and old die of hunger, and the children at birth die; oh! Insensitivity of an indolent regime, that torture, that kills; that deprives those who only want to live and achieve their dreams from freedom and all their rights. By Derwell J Fallu


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