Journalistic Mafia

You knew, that some journalists of political analysis, can be as harmful as some mafia and corrupt politicians, of those who do not think of anyone else, than themselves; journalists who do not know when to stop, when to realize, when news should not be given because of the emotional and mental health of a people who do not know or understand anything about politics, just because they only care about them, is earn rating, although this means that many are damaged and hurt. We remember a puppeteer, who in the past became a millionaire, with the art of harming so many people through gossip, it was learned that he left the island to live like a king in the paradise peninsula of Florida, and He even bought a personal plane. It is believed that he returned with the same business to the island, although it does not seem that he is doing so well now, as that time, because although late, the people of Puerto Rico realized, that the gossip business only works for those They use it as a dismal business to profit. By Derwell J Fallu


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