Another stage of my life, but with you.

As a child, with each experience of each stage of my life, destiny was shaping my existence, until I achieved the person that I am now. From now on, another stage of me begins, and of a destiny, which I do not want to continue, nor face it alone, without someone by my side; Without that person, who has to love all that the time that brought me here, I became the person I am now. I need that divine being, who has to share her life with mine, and everything, that for all the time we have to be and live together, we have to face. I am ready for you, to love you and enjoy that you love me too; to live what we have to live, without a greater reason, than to know, that we belong to each other. Let us live our own history, but let’s do it our way. By Derwell J Fallu


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