Mr. David Simas, Greetings!

Mr. David Simas, regards!

I confirm that I have received your letter and I have read all the contents of it. Thank you very much for thinking of me for beautiful things always, and even more so on this special day, which is when, the birthday of a human being is celebrated that has meant so much to you as to me. Please deliver to him, my personal greetings and congratulations for your great day!

On his request, to share with the young people around the world, my motivating message about the work that President Obama is doing with great dedication and devotion; Below for you and every young person in the world my message:

In the present days, we have had to live, with great regret! I have to say it; but unfortunately, we do not have many honest, patriotic rulers and leaders, who are capable of giving everything in the name of love, that impact us with exemplary lives and services, that inspire us; that are examples that we would like to imitate, that we would like to follow.

But in the case of President Barack Obama, we find the big exception! We can say with complete certainty that as president, he did a great job for his country, and as a human being full of great virtues and values, it is impossible for him to go unnoticed.

As a statesman, President Barack Obama attended the country’s affairs with great honor, with wisdom and intelligence, so that his disciplined way in which he served the nation, not only earned him the respect of the people of the country, but also the admiration and respect of the world.

As a head of families, the Obama man has presented a model image of what a family should be. He is not a man, to whom he has been linked in activities or scenes of scandals. He has been a man focused on keeping his relationship and family profile in good balance, something worth imitating.

As a human being, I must point out that President Barack Obama is a humble and compassionate man; He knows how to be calm and find the temper and courage that are necessary when making difficult decisions.

Particularly, the most, that President Obama has impressed me, is that shocking humility that characterizes him. It is reflected in his character, but also in his words, and he showed it perfectly when still being president of the nation, he said; I read and listen to everything he writes to me and what people tell me, because this is the way I can become an efficiency leader and a better human being. What President Obama said struck me, and it was also what allowed me to meet the great man, the great human being; To the great leader.

All those young people who are being inspired by the work of President Obama, know that in our day, there are not many men with a life profile that we can imitate. And that, like, Barack Obama himself said, he doesn’t need to be president and be sitting in the presidential chair of the White House, to serve the most vulnerable people; most needy; From Chicago, and from where he is, he will continue his vocation to serve the needy. Let’s follow his valuable example.

Happy Birthday! Mr. President Barack Obama.

By Derwell J Fallu


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