Nicolás Maduro, is not a president, is a thief and usurper.

The misfortune that the people of Venezuela experience is not the fault of Nicolás Maduro and his bargain of criminals, but of all the military who swore to serve and defend their country with honor, because they see and know all the forms of robberies, looting, destruction and crimes, which Nicolás Maduro and his criminal regime comment, and instead denounce him, arrest him and deliver him to the relevant authorities, they protect and defend him, as if this criminal dictator indicated for his crimes by international authorities, It was really Venezuela. Nicolás Maduro, propitiates crime, the destruction of the homeland and death. And those who swore to defend it with their honor, have become an accomplice of the destroyer of the country, giving their support to the criminal, instead of defending his people, those who die of hunger, and his homeland that is collapsed. Venezuelan military, do not close your eyes to not see what happens in front of you, do not be cowards and surrender to the executioner who destroys yours and your homeland. Deliver the rat of Nicolás Maduro, who is not a president elected by the people, stole power and kidnapped the country, thanks to you, Venezuelan military, who take care of you and protect you, as if this thief from your homeland, were the big deal How to know, if Nicolás Maduro is a thief and kidnapper of the country? If the National Assembly is the only legitimate organism in the country, chosen by the people to confirm those who must legally be constituted to direct and preside over their country, look at who confirmed this organism, as the legitimate interim president of their homeland; Didn’t he go to Nicolás Maduro, or those who make up his team of thieves and rats? Where is the National Assembly, and where is Nicolás Maduro and his bargain? A) Yes? Or clearer? The one you care for, protect and steal and destroy the country with immunity, is not its president, but a usurper thief, who in complicity with the military who swore with his honor to defend his homeland, they have kidnapped all Venezuela and government power . You are a shame for the people who pay you to defend their homeland and the interests of your country, because they have turned their backs on you, just when they expected to be defended by you from the one who attacks you who mistreats you and in a thousand ways kill them, react and deliver to those rats, that millions of the people of their people have had to flee, because the criminal regime of Nicolás Maduro oppresses and kills them. By Derwell J Fallu


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