Maduro and his bargain drug dealers have been very big!

If you saw the barbarities and stupid things that some Venezuelans who defend the Maduro regime tell me, when they know about my public struggle, because Venezuelans achieve their freedom and independence from the regime again, and can live again free and In a democratic country, as when Venezuela was counted among the richest and most interesting countries in the world, perhaps you would remain as pattidifuso, as I am. It is so difficult to process, to have to accept, that there are still people in the world, who are not able to distinguish between good and evil. Because people from a country like Venezuela today, accuse our island of lackeys and slaves, when in reality, there are few countries in the world, that enjoy as much freedom as Puerto Rico, that we go and come anywhere on the planet, that we eat and wear what we want, and that we can become rich, as much as we want. Vs Venezuela, today one of the poorest countries in the world! Where China, Russia and the poor nation of Cuba, in complicity with the narco regime of Nicolás Maduro, are taking the few resources left in that country. How can people be so blind not to see that! Puerto Rico is a small island, 100×35 the extension of our territory, but we do not leave anyone, we are brave to knock down the government to anyone who wants to get ready; We take it out because we take it out, and we are a great example of genuine democracy for the world. But how could a Venezuelan point and accuse a Puerto Rican slave? I would recommend that you know our history better. We will continue fighting for those Venezuelans, yes, they want to be truly free, because those who still have dreams they want to achieve; for those who really want a better future for their country, for those who still have dignity and want to live decent lives, free of a escavizing regime, that oppresses and impoverishes the citizens of their country. We must continue to fight, even for those whom Nicolás Maduro has stolen their right to dream. We are closer today to achieve it! And the regime knows it. Diosdado Cabello recently said it with all the words; The United States of America is the most powerful nation in the world! And they, the regime only have what they call dignity, but that is nothing else, than arrogance and arrogance, because if they had dignity, they would have already delivered the government, the country that they have destroyed to those who can truly rebuild it; because Venezuela to Nicolás Maduro and his bargain of thieves, criminals and drug traffickers, really this country, they have been very big! By Derwell J Fallu


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