A humbly dressed woman, with a face that reflected suffering and defeat, entered a shop. She approached the owner and embarrassed, asked if she could take some things for granted. In a soft voice, she explained that her husband was very sick and could not work; They had seven children and needed food.
The owner, inflexible, asked her to leave his shop. But the woman thinking about her family continued to beg: Please, sir! I will pay it as soon as I can. The owner excused himself by saying that he could not give hee credit since her did not have a credit account in his shop.
Near the counter was a customer who heard the conversation between the store owner and the woman.
The customer approached and told the store owner that he would take care of what the woman needed for her family, but he ignored it.
He turned to the woman and asked: Do you have a shopping list? Yes sir, she replied.
Okay, put your list on the scale and whatever your list weighs, I will give it to you in groceries.
The woman hesitated for a moment and crestfallen, searched her wallet for a piece of paper and wrote on it. Then fearful, she put the piece of paper on the scale.
In doing so, the scale fell suddenly, as if it had laid a rock or a piece of iron on it. The owner and client’s eyes filled with astonishment. As he had said, the owner began to put groceries on the other side of the scale, but it did not move, so he continued to put more and more groceries, but since the balance never matched, he could not stand it anymore and grabbed the piece of paper To see if there was any trick.
The owner looked at the paper and read it in amazement. It wasn’t a shopping list, it was a prayer that said:
“Dear Lord, you know my needs, I leave this situation in your hands.”
The store owner gave the woman all the groceries she had gathered and remained silent, while the woman left the store.
“Only God knows how much a Prayer weighs” give “Like” if you liked it and share it in 4 groups if you would help him ..


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