Without a reason and without a reason?

I know that many men of today, want turned women as if they were sent to be or manufactured where an experienced evanist, a renowned potter or a world class carver, who can do them according to their specifications. And obviously, as this is something that worries the woman so much; In their efforts to reach the levels that can satisfy the most demanding man, many of them undergo costly and exhausting treatments, ignoring, that for a serious and lasting relationship, these are not the kinds of men, in which a woman should See if she is really interested in finding a man who values ​​her as a woman and how she is, and not how she could be. All this unfortunate situation, is leading the woman of today, to stop being herself, to become a superficial being, controlled by the vanity of the mind, spending large amounts of money and effort in order to see themselves, as some men wish they should look. But the saddest part of all this is that many women, in their eagerness to achieve the expectations of these selfish men and who live to satisfy the desires of the flesh, the vanity of their mind, and not to live according to the feelings of the heart , many women have forgotten themselves, and they do not even know who they are, because they now live the superficial life of vanity of being sculpturally beautiful and of beautiful physical attractions, but that inside, they are empty women of that nature that makes Particularly special to live unconditional love, because the priority of being slender and beautiful when conquering a man, has taken the place that achieved that attraction and that feeling that in the heart of a man and a woman, which arose without one reason, without a why? By Derwell J Fallu


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