The value of a promise.

The courage to keep a promise.
Who has not ever missed a promise he has made to someone about not telling something they have entrusted to him? Once a disabled grandfather, who lived with his grandson of only 7 years, reprimanded him because he discovered that he was taking his old crutches to pretend to be lame to ask for alms. He made the grandson promise that he wouldn’t do it anymore. But it wasn’t long when the boy did it again, so someone went to tell the grandfather the boy’s mischief. Grandpa confronts him again, asks him, why had he broken his promise? That he wanted to buy the cake that he likes so much and that he wanted to surprise him, the boy replied. It seemed a noble action is that of the child, and very touching, but at what cost? To break a promise. So, grandfather asks the boy again; Which is better, keep a promise or give a surprise? Fulfill a promise, replied the boy with great success! A promise is the commitment of our word, with the guarantee that deserves the trust of the one who has believed in the person who has agreed on some promise. When it breaks, for whatever reasons, there will always be some kind of consequence. The priests know very well the value of a promise of confession, and even if it implies a serious crime, they do not disclose the confession made by a parishioner, even if this means that the priest can be arrested, because if we are not able to keep or Fulfilling what we promise, we are not worthy of anyone’s trust. There will never be a greater reason to break a promise we have made to someone who has entrusted us with a secret. Fulfilling what we say or promise will define our personality type. God said that when we make a promise, we will not keep it, because we do not keep a promise, it is foolishness and God is not pleased with the fools. By Derwell J Fallu


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