A woman’s treasure!

What a pretty woman! But she has drawn the sadness on her face, traces of a bad past of those loves that in life do a lot of damage. Please let me put joy in your soul, give the heart the opportunity to love, who will also love you the same and make you forget those bad times; the betrayal, deception and lies that made your life so unhappy and unhappy. Because this is what happens, when love is not equally reciprocated, when we deliver everything and instead receive nothing. Love is the most beautiful! It is the force of life; the inspiration of the soul and the heart the motive, if in the same measure, we can share it. I also know that love is not something that one should ask for, it is something spontaneous that is not born when one wants, but when unintentionally born. I wish there was something I could do well, and that makes me happy about this great woman’s treasure, I could deserve. By Derwell J Fallu


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