Jesus visited me!

Many of us have ever had to live hard experiences, difficult to explain with words, where we have felt that our soul is fought with cruelty, filling our hearts with much pain and anguish. We have felt alone and surrendered to the destiny that strikes us without mercy. But in one of those critical moments, one day I lived the glorious experience, of being on my knees in front of my bed, in the darkness of my bedroom, I cried from my soul, more than a prayer, I gave my life and my will to the Importance that I had for the terrible situation that I was going through. And suddenly! I heard the door to my bedroom that opened, and a few slow and steady steps that went right to the bed where I stayed on my knees. Muted! I held my breath, felt fear! Well, besides the door of my bedroom was locked, nobody else lived in the house, but only me. So, I felt like that person stopped right in line with me; and he placed his right hand on my left shoulder, and said to me in a firm voice: Fear not! Because when you are in circumstances like this, I am by your side to help you. It was Jesus! Saying these words, he took the steps back and closed the door. Something inexplicable had happened to me when I heard his words and felt his presence by my side; As from within my gut I shouted loudly: I am in victory! The next day the problems that were suffocating me had disappeared. God is real, God exists and is very attentive to everything that happens to us. Call to him when you discover that no one else could help you in circumstances, where only a miracle could save you. By Derwell J Fallu


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