A real emergency invoked the activation of the TIAR!

We all already know what the TIAR means, (International Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance) and, that the emergence of their reinstatement of Venezuela to this body, does not respond that the parliamentarians had no other things to do and that to deal with them they met emergency to start activating this resource. Nothing to do! Activating the TIAR was an emergency, because it was the last resort that would be used to try to end the dictatorship in Venezuela, and the regime knew it. That is why it was his palettes, shouting and his rejection of the initiative of the reinstatement of Venezuela to this very important resource. This was really important, as a protocol element, so that the United States and the allied countries can implement the use of force to remove the usurper regime, if necessary, without any nation in the world seeing this as an illegal repressive act, because precisely that section of that law makes the legality possible to intervene militarily in Venezuela in the case that assists them. All this is contrary to China, Russia and Cuba, which illegally have Venezuela militarily occupied, illegally intervening in the sovereign affairs of the Venezuelan people, and all, for supporting the dictatorial regime of Nicolás Maduro, who stole and occupies the power of the country fraudulently and illegally. What’s next? What everyone is waiting for! That the TIAR has not been activated to serve only as an ornament, or as another law, but to be used for what the emergency invoked the activation of the TIAR. The people of Venezuela, expect the corresponding actions to be taken. Let us go without fear, President Guaido, National Assembly, that the suffering that this great people is experiencing cannot wait any longer. By Derwell J Fallu


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