Love of remembrance.

I still feel like this, in my body, a terrible physical exhaustion, but I am going to write you more, because it is the only thing, that at the moment keeps us connected and makes us feel close, and this is something, that neither of us wants lose, but only improve; that is, to be able to meet in person one day and at some time and place, that is something stronger, more intimate and personal, than more than just the letters of letters, that is a state of both that allows us to meet each other, and that we can hold hands and walk; hug and feel the magic of living that heat to the contact of our bodies. Kiss and let passion open the way to paradise, where you can live the fullness of love, your idyll, that love that we have both dreamed; to stay there, to enjoy the mind, the imaginary landscape that the moment offers us; to travel in the white clouds of the sky, as in the love of stories, and to the sound of the soft melody of a romantic song, to live, you and I that magic of loving us without limits or time, until the cold becomes heat and sweat soak our bodies, and with all these things we will be writing in the privacy of that room, our own exciting story; of our love! Love that will remain for the memory of many generations. By Derwell J Fallu


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