Stories and events of life.

Do not stop your life in one, of eternal complaints and regrets for the memories that a bad past has left you. Life is not a single page book, leave the past behind your back, because even if you turn behind you, your forehead will always be the present. Every day is an opportunity, in which you must write the events and themes of each chapter of the story of your life, and that will be the daily activity of your life. Your story should not stop, nor ever end! make this interesting, known and eternal, that it is communicated from one generation to another, that in the memory of those who know it, your story is one without end. You must put passion and magic to each event and each plot, so that in the thought of each living being, even if you are absent, even if you are underground, seven feet, you become an immortal soul in the memory of the people. By Derwell J Fallu


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