My life for her!

Who has a reason to live, thank and be happy? Who has in the soul a reason, to feel and in the heart, to want beautiful? Is that life and live, need all that, so that here on earth, life and live can work. Everyone must find and have their reason for being. And all that of mine is that divine being, called woman; at least, here on earth, because in heaven, I have God. It is her, reason more than enough, to love her, because a woman had me inside her, and gave me the gift of life. That in women I have everything, and more, to fulfill, and to live the full life of my nature as a man. Reasons to love her. And what makes me so sensitive to the heart, to feel for a woman, are her breasts, which make her vulnerable to heat, where those very high temperatures exist, and her nature seems to force her, to always be there, covered. It is those days of her menstrual cycle, which limit her life so much, and that, almost, make her slaves of something good and bad at the same time, of which they cannot take greater control. And, the time of your pregnancy, and your delivery. How much this limits a woman’s life! How much, with this state, a woman in life is exposed! Imagine it in the action of its birth, pain and all that, so that a woman has to go through, at the time of giving birth to a creature, it is the things, for which I have to see, and feel compassion and Love for a woman. From my heart, the woman deserves the best of all my feelings. Therefore, it is my great honor, to be your spokesperson, to communicate to the world, that the woman is the most wonderful and important being, who, on our side God put, so that, with her we could share life, share the earth and everything; that women deserve from men, to be very well loved, all the time, respected; that we must take care of her and pamper her, because she must be the biggest reason the heart should have, to experience the pleasure of the most beautiful feelings. I ask all the men of the planet, to love, respect and care for each woman, so that, each one, in a man, she represents. I ask you to always recognize the dignity and good name of women. Por Derwell J Fallu


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