Like that or more clear?

Like that or more clear?
I love it when a girl, she shows me, that I care about her, thinking that I am poor, because interest will never rob me of her, nor my place, nor my time with her. As one who told me; I would go live with you, even under a bridge, and not because she is dehambulant, because, in reality, she is a professional, a qualified teacher. It is that, the loves of unconditional nature, and of total delivery, seem to be scarce in our days. I think that to people today, in a general sense, the relationship is usually based on interest, not feelings. And I am not saying that there should not be a progressive spirit in the relationship; Because it’s not that. But I mean those lives, that because they are united by a genuine feeling, they do everything and assume it in complete complicity, because their lives together, it is one of agenda, where projects and dreams, pursue and face them together, that living as a couple does not decide what they have, but what they feel. By Derwell J Fallu


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