Congratulations! Michelle Obama

Hello! Michelle

Thank you, because you always find a space in your time, to share with me, those things that are what ignite the passion in your life. That nature of feeling and wanting to do good to the most vulnerable and needy, are the things that I admire about you Michelle, and they are also, those same things that make you so human, that empathy with people, regardless of race , skin color, social aspect, ethnicity or anything else, that ordinary people use as a pretext, so as not to do what is due for their neighbor, they make you Michelle, the heroine of all those forgotten people, of whom almost Nobody remembers, but they are the ones that steal your dream, because you are always thinking of finding a way to help and alleviate the evils of so many. Your work has a reward in heaven, God is watching all that you are doing for the poor and needy of the earth, so, do not forget, that he who gives to the poor, to Jehovah, lends him. Congratulations! Michelle We are with you, you are doing well! By Derwell J Fallu


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