Hello!  I appreciate very much the value of your time to get in touch with me, that you have taken a little of your time, to dedicate your letters to me, that’s worth a lot!  Good!  The world is full of beautiful women, even so, it is also a bit difficult to find the right woman;  With the ideal woman.  For me, a woman according to my expectations is not found, because of what she likes, and what she doesn’t.  Because in my case, the ideal woman for me, in addition to liking and not liking things, must refine with my nature of personality, and vs with the nature of her personality.  Being pretty is not enough, because I am not looking for a woman for only sex, pleasure and fun;  I am looking for a woman who is very clear about what it means to share life and destiny, with the intention of walking together under any circumstances, as a constituted family, until the end of the day, where the basis of our relationship and our  union, be the mutual love, which provides support and support, and whose quality of permanence, is inspired by tolerance, respect and the linking of that sincere feeling born of the heart and soul, called love.  The union of the future, between two people who consider relating as a couple, cannot be based on physical attraction, and the reason that may arise, if they like each other, must be established through the nature and magic of a feeling,  that more than taste, and attraction, leads us to conviction, that the feeling of one for the other, is the purity of a love that surpasses any other aspect of life.  By Derwell J Fallu


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