Success awaits us! We have to decide.

The fear of failure, if we try something, is undoubtedly the reason for the stagnation of many of us.  And, precisely, the success that the most daring have achieved is thanks to the fact that, at a given moment, they took the initiative to overcome those fears that paralyze.  Another reason associated with stagnation in many areas of our lives, is that feeling shame if I ask someone for help, if I say something that can achieve great results in my favor, but because we feel shame, we don’t say it.  We have to take for granted, (if we want to move on to the next level of our life) that in many cases and ways, we will need the help of someone else who has the conditions and is ready to help us.  So, we cannot allow fear and shame to prevent us from making the decision that will change our lives.  We need to move towards the target of our goal, and to achieve it, we have to release everything that prevents our progress.  Success awaits us!  We have to decide.  By Derwell J Fallu
Please comment if these words have served to bless your life.


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