Hi! Michelle

Hi!  Michelle,

 Thank you for your letters and invitation.

 The president wrote to me, earlier this morning, and informed me about the big event taking place today.

 Definitely!  In you two, there is a connection as spouses;  as a couple and partners, to imitate!

 Yara also contacted me, earlier last week, and notified me about that productive conversation she would have today with the president.  She could not hide her great emotion, for the fact, that today, she would have the opportunity to have a dialogue from you to you, with the president.

 I thanked Yara for her proposal, that I give her a question that I wanted, for her to take it in my name to the president;  which I did, and I hope that Yara, will honor me to keep her word.

 Today, too, I answered his letter to the president, and like Yara, I could not hide my great emotion, for being taken into account, by two of the most influential people in the world;  Barack and Michelle Obama.  Thank you for being so kind to me.

 Many successes for you, in all your projects, are my sincere wishes.

 By Derwell J Fallu


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