That’s me!

A bit of me:
That’s me
A boy with very firm feet on the ground; humble, intelligent, romantic without remedy; gallant with the woman, and who knows very well how to love and make a lady feel safe and protected. Full of great virtues, of very healthy mind and body, I am not dependent on any harmful vice to morality and health. Truthful, sincere, honest, responsible, good looking, nice, well organized; very positive and with a great reality of the present and a huge vision of the future; in a good mood, writer, composer, super sweet and very affectionate. I am very creative, patient, tolerant, compassionate. I am not materialistic, but I have goals, goals and dreams to achieve, very well defined. And within them is to find a good woman, compatible with my profile and with my resume; the constitution of a beautiful and interesting family, among other things. I believe in God and I am fearful of the sovereign. I am the number one admirer of women and I believe with certainty that she is the remedy for the loneliness of man, the main element for the reproduction of human life with man and for the constitution of the family; I believe in women as the only resource of the heart for love, which promotes happiness and harmony among humans. I believe in women, as a resource of God for men, for good, good and the fullness of pleasure. My goals of life are: God, love. The woman and the family. With them I have powerful and sufficient resources for soul inspiration and all the reasons my heart needs to feel and love. Maybe you don’t care or don’t care who I am, but that’s me. By Derwell J Fallu


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