Divine Woman! life inspiration

Hello! Queen of love

Beautiful creature, the main focus of any panoramic view, of any place. There is a lot of emotion in the fortune of reading the content of your letters. In her the spirit of your soul is perceived, and the energetic force and the purity of the feeling of your pretty heart is felt. God put in you his grace, and all that magic that is in your sensuality, becomes irresistible before the heart thirsty for love, before the soul that sighs to love and be loved, before the romantic man and who values ​​the most beautiful details of life. Oh! beautiful profile of a pretty woman, you who move my whole being, that feeds my illusion of the hope of love, my blessed bliss! For whom I can also experience the beauty of feeling, the beauty of living, and the wonderfulness of love. Eternal expression of my assessment of you! Divine woman, the reason for my existence. By Derwell J Fallu


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