Will it be you?

I would love to find in you, what my soul lacks, I would like to know, if you are the cutest and greatest of my dreams. From that moment, that I saw for the first time the beautiful image of your portrait, something happens to me, very strange! Your name, that look, and the expression on your face drawn; I do not stop thinking, if I have seen you in other times, my heart beats in a hurry, when I look at your picture, and I feel that you are more than just a thought of my mind, and today with you, I want to be direct , because time runs and never stops, and life is so short! That there are things for which one cannot wait, but that one has to go out to look for them, and the love of my life and my dreams, is one of them, because the world is too big to walk in loneliness of life the path . That’s why I ask you, I want; Could it be that you are looking for my soul? Could it be that I am the soul that seeks yours? Because if it’s you, the life of my life, and I, I’m the life of yours, this is the time to take it! By Derwell J Fallu


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