“Rescued by a Dream”

The platform, SGS Social Network is setting up a project, which is about giving attention and taking homeless users and people out of the streets, with the aim of providing them with a decent place to live and a new opportunity to take control of their lives, so that they can be reinserted into society and become really useful citizens.

This project consists, (a) in the construction of a complex of compact, but comfortable apartments, of the studio apartment type, in which they will be able to live and experience a better quality of life.

(b) the project includes the integration of a convertible, basketball and volleyball court, where they can train and practice sports.

(c) the integration of a chapel, so that they can also have the administration of the word of God, and thus they achieve some progress in the spiritual field.

(d) the integration of an activity center, with the inclusion of a practical dining room. This place, in addition to being useful for sharing with families, will result in a powerful resource for fundraising and other activities.

(f) the integration of a classroom to administer education that can help the development of their intellect and any vocation.

(g) the integration of a movie theater. With this resource, we will not only create something for your entertainment, but it will also work as a resource that generates funds for the center.

(h) the integration of a small recreational park. They will need an area like that to relax and be in direct contact with nature.

(i) the integration of a medical clinic, to attend emergencies and the needs of the members of the center.

(j) the foundation, “Rescued by a Dream”, is another resource of the center to raise funds to help with the center’s projects and to achieve its operation.

(k) the acquisition of a farm with sufficient area to build 1- a laying hens farm; Egg production will be used for the consumption of the members of the center and for the sales market. 2- an area for planting agricultural products, such as; Banana, cassava, chayote, orange, papaya, squash, corn, etc. And of vegetables, such as; eggplant, cabbage, cabbage; tomato. Among others. Similarly, these products have to be used for local consumption, such as for sale.

3- an area for raising cattle, goats, pigs, turkeys, chickens and guineas, with the same objectives.

(l) the center will be fully energized by a solar panel system, fully renewable energy.

(m) the center will be provided by a sophisticated water pumping system of an underground well, so water consumption will be permanent and optimized.

Everything that our project includes: Rescued by a Dream, it is definitely an unprecedented social work, which will not only deal with the delicate issue with the most vulnerable people and many times, despised by our peoples, but also, will constitute A source of jobs for many people, including the rescued members themselves, will be trained to work in the different areas of the center, to keep them occupied, and to estimate the value of earning a decent living.

The team of professionals, who will play a role of great importance within the center, will integrate it; psychologists, doctors, pastors, coaches, teachers; among others.

Our vision is easy to achieve, because it is something that requires the integration of all people and sectors interested in helping to remedy this social evil, which is often ignored and neglected by government institutions.

This project is already taking shape, and people who wish to donate or volunteer for the various tasks that we are already carrying out for this project, can contact us at our phone number 787 980 5028, you can also write to us at: principe437 @ gmail .com

You can also access our SGS Social Network platform, https://centrovirtualalmasgemelas.ning.com, https://www.centrovirtualprincipe437.org, where you will find more information on how you can help and what we are doing to get this project reach the vision of cleaning the streets of our villages, and rescuing our people for a dream.


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