Bad loves.

Hello! In our walk, destiny, caused or causal, will put us in the perspective of these events, which will mark our lives forever, for better or worse. Prudence in all those things that do or say, could prevent us from painful, sad, embarrassing and regrettable situations. On the other side, the valorization of people’s feelings, and never disrespecting others, will contribute to peace and harmony. Maybe it would help to remember that what we do to people could bounce towards us. Let us make the story of our life one that everyone wants to know, but above all; God! That is a story full of elements that give honor and honor to your passage through life, take care not to do things, which you have to regret, avoid things, that can be a burden and shadows that can follow you for the rest of your life. Make sure, that by your way of doing good things, God is always on your side, so that he can take care of us in the circumstances, and of bad love. Derwell J Fallu


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