Cancer sentenced him to death!

There is a “what?” That seems to never have an answer. For examples: what is the primary element of water. I refer to the natural way in which the waters of the seas, of the rivers and the waters that are beneath the earth were made. The same with the primary element of the earth, and many other things. If we are going to have a “bread” we know that the primary elements, or raw material of the “bread” is flour, water, oil, egg, salt, sugar and yeast. But the raw material of the earth, air, plants, water, etc.?

One day I went to visit a teenager who had been diagnosed with the condition of a terminal cancer.

Knowing that, according to the medical diagnosis, the young man had only a few days to live, I desperately tried to make him, at least hold on to his faith in the hope of the spiritual life that the Bible promises us in God, on the other side of the incomprehensible. But everything seemed useless, perhaps for the same effects of the disease, he was reluctant and very aggressive. So, without understanding myself, what I was going to do, I obeyed that internal impulse that dominated my mind and took total control of me; I drowned, and squeezing the floor with my open hand, a small stone stuck in the center of my hand, and I got up to show the young man, whom I had tried to guide Jesus for almost half an hour without success, and I told him : what do you see in my hand; a pebble The young man replied. That little stone, he made it, the God that I try to show you, because he has something bigger and good for you after death, that no one else can offer you. Inexplicably, when I told him this, that young man burst into tears! And he bowed his will to Jesus. A grain of sand showed him the power of one who has done everything that no man can create. Fools who deny the existence of God, have not even learned anything about themselves, their ignorance about the divine, exceeds all limits. By Derwell J Fallu


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