My answer, not a personal opinion;

Responding to my readers:

If there really is a God, this, that almighty being could not agree with what you wrote, meditate, brother, meditate, and have the lucidity of reaching the conclusion that our conceptions of good and evil are something cultural. The natural and the unnatural is determined by the human being, since that God of which you speak, gave “free will” … and the human interpretation of the biblical texts made and makes and creates all our cultural worlds and “taboos” … God bless you, what a good miss you do ….

My answer:
My dear friend, first of all, thank you for your participation and my personal greeting with all my respect.
Your way of reasoning helps, I know, and as we are in, let me ask you; If free will is a concept that we can use in whatever we want, then will it be fine for thieves to steal, for murderers to kill, for the unjust to practice all injustice without consequences? I believe in free will, but I believe that every decision we make has its consequences, for better or for worse. A person can have free will to decide whether to get high or not, but must be responsible for the consequences that this entails. For everything there is a limit my friend, if you do not take care of what you eat, you will end up getting sick and dying in time. A person can use his free will for whatever he wants, that is what we agree on, what perhaps we are not agreeing with, is that perhaps you have not thought that there are rules that regulate, and laws that set limits on free will, Bone , free will was not granted for the purpose of people violating the rules and laws. Warnings are established, so as not to break the rules that limit free will Homosexuality, for example; it is an act of rebellion against a law given by the creator of the universe, which says: that it is an abomination for the male to have sexual relations with another male, as it is also incest, for a father to marry his daughter, there are laws that regulate rules of the family order, the order of marriage, states that it must be done between a man and a woman, and it is clearly established that these, too, cannot be close relatives, as there are rules, that regulate the conduct of criminals and criminals Reason you and I on the subject, look for data that support your point of view beyond a simple reasoning, and present it to the forum. My conclusion is that homosexuality, as read in the Bible, falls on the list of practice in the classification of serious sins, homosexuality will always be an abominable sin practice, and that no matter who says otherwise, no domument that do men in their intention to legitimize that practice; before the eyes of God, lying down or lying down a man with another man, as with a woman, will be a practice of abominable sin in the eyes of God. And this is not my personal opinion, nor a mere form of reasoning, but a fact corroborated in the holy word of God, the Bible.

Derwell J Fallu


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