Your latter

Life becomes so beautiful and so colorful, with every letter of your letters. Discovering in each word of yours, that romantic and good love of stories, putting me to dream, like the one who daydreams. Waking up in my life this beautiful illusion with the magic of your lyrics full of feelings and those details, which only the heart in love can understand. Definitely, these are the things for which one yearns to live, for which one finds reasons and so many reasons to fight. These are the nice and good things that give life a taste and color, which hope is waiting for, because life without love is not living, but only breathing. I know that I am more than just existing, because my heart has found in you its reason to love and, if loving you, I am equally reciprocated, then, not only, I will have found in you my reason to love, but also to be happy. By Derwell J


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