Journalistic work done by Gema Mendoza Martinez, for SGS Social Network


Journalistic work done by Gema Mendoza Martinez, for SGS Social Network

Hi, I’m Jaine! I am 20 years old and I am originally from Hidalgo, Mexico.

I am currently in the second semester of Psychology.

But not everything in my life was positive experiences, I also had experiences and circumstances that marked my life, first in a negative way and then they helped me get ahead. I talk to you … at 10 years of age because of differences of thought my parents divorced, this was a very difficult process for me because I was very attached to my father’s love and his separation with me affected me emotionally, and although I stayed with my mother and with My older sister was never the same again.

I felt that my family broke down, that there was no communication or understanding between us, I felt alone and helpless, and although the rest of the family tried to support us, I became very introverted. Upon entering high school, everything was uncertain, I no longer worried about school, I began to miss taking advantage of the absence of my parents, they approached my classmates who induced me to alcohol, tobacco and although it hurts to say, also to the drugs.

Facing problems of lack of attention from my parents, discrimination, loneliness, lack of guidance and love. What led me to have a dependency on addictions, I had neither the age nor the emotional maturity to face my new reality, I was twice in rehabilitation centers for young people with addiction problems.

When I had the ability to understand family conditions, to control my anguish, to manage my emotions, when I accepted the orientation, respect and affection of close people, I understood that I should make a change in my life. I finished my high school, traveled to another state and did high school, returned home and currently I focus on continuing my studies.

I learned that we must know how to say “no” when necessary, that there will always be someone to guide us and listen, that families are different but each one has its own value and that they face different challenges, that I must observe myself appreciate and value myself, that in My actions must have a balance with myself and with others, that I must give and also receive a dignified treatment, that I must be loved valued and respected, that first of all, there must be communication and respect for our rights.
Report of Gema Mendoza Martinez, for SGS Social Network


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