Rescued by a Dream

Anywhere in the world, addiction to controlled substances, and the homeless, is a daily social problem that we see in our towns and cities, as an evil that seems to have no solution.

But in Puerto Rico, the situation with our addicts and homeless people has escalated worrying levels, since apart from the fact that many abandoned properties are used as addicts hospitality, our streets are full of them and steal the batteries of the cars, and All they can for them to survive with their condition.

Thinking about the seriousness of this situation, we SGS Social Network, have created an ambitious project, which we have called “Rescued by a Dream” with which we propose to give a real solution to the problem with addicts and the homeless. We are going to clean our streets; We are going to the rescue of our people who have fallen victim to vice and misfortune, and we will achieve an opportunity to improve their quality of life for them.

There are good people who deal with dogs and animals, the environment, ect. We will deal with our addicts and homeless people, but this is everyone’s commitment; help us to help. We need your donations to continue with this project; The “Rescued by a Dream” foundation has been created to help our addicts and homeless people. Please visit our SGS Social Network platform so you can make your donation at the foundation by entering the following link, or you can also contact us at the telephone line for our foundation, 787-980 -5028

In Puerto Rico, for each family we all have someone who has fallen victim to the addiction of drug addiction, so, but for this reason, because each person victim of drugs is also our neighbor, this must be a commitment of all, for Please make a donation today, for our addicts and homeless people.

SGS Social Network

Rescued by a Dream


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