Long live the woman!

The woman is the inspiration of my soul and the great reason my heart has to feel and love. Imagine for a moment, the world with all its beauty and all its wonders, and the man administering all this impressive universe, but without the presence of women. Did you imagine it? What a bore! Surely you agree with me, in understanding the great difference that the presence of that divine creature makes between us, called woman. You will understand how I did, why God said, it was not good for the man to be alone, when he gave us the woman as a companion. To live without her for the man, life did not find meaning. Living without her was so obvious the absence of good and good, without her you could not appreciate in her real sense beauty. Living without her was the man an incomplete piece, where common sense made him miss and need that source of sensuality that only exists in the nature of women. Living without her, there was no recourse to the heart for love, and that need to build the family, Live without her, Oh! Those woman’s charms, those woman’s smells as we can without her appreciate and enjoy all that particular beauty, that only in that design of her beautiful silhouette and curves in a woman, can we find. More than a thousand reasons to understand that living without it is not good, that you have to admire it, love it and respect it and always give thanks to God, because with the woman he made us good and complete life. Long live the woman! By Derwell J Fallu


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