Those who believe in God will share this message.

Faith is greater than hope. One day I visited a man who had been evicted from doctors, for a terminal illness, for which he was only given a few days to live. His body had been in such deterioration, that literally, all his ribs could be told. He could no longer speak or eat, and the only thing he could move slightly were his eyelids. So, in desperation, a relative of his invited me to pray for that dying man. From the optical vision and human mental capacity, what could be done and expected from that unfortunate man was very remote. However, when we have the great virtue of understanding the capacity, power and love of the creator of all things, then we will also understand, that for what, man is impossible, for God it is not. So, convinced that God could be a possible alternative resource, for the cure of this man, I asked him; What if he wanted to be healed? What if his answer was yes; to move his eyelids twice, which he did. I asked him if he was willing to give his life to God and bear witness to his love, mercy and power to all, if the Lord raised him from his
bed? I said, before answering, think about it first, because God doesn’t
He is pleased that people make promises to him, which they do not keep. So, he said yes, with the language of his eyelids, which was the only thing that the dying man could communicate with. I prayed to God: Lord; Jesus said, that he had come to seek and save what was lost, and this man has promised, that if you return his health, and you raise him from his deathbed, he would live to serve you, and to bear witness of your love, mercy and of your healing power, so that I beg you, Holy Father, to give this man a chance, and lift him from his bed, so that those who know him, also know of your love, your mercy and your healing power, so that they too, may believe in you and serve you, so that they may be saved. In my complete conviction, I put my hand on the sick, as a symbol that you perform in him a powerful miracle, and by the sacrifice, death and resurrection, and by the wounds of Christ, I declare free and in complete health to this man. Amen. The miracle was immediate, the man spoke and gave glory to God, I sat him on his bed, there was still something weak and I asked them to do something soft to eat. He ate and a week later, amazingly! I saw that man who was running on a bicycle, totally healed. Glory to God! By Derwell J Fallu


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