The girl of silence.

I know that you are there, in silence, without saying anything, and that you have traveled with me in my letters; in my words, for those worlds of my imagination; and that I have achieved in your life, small moments of happiness, for those things that I tell you, and that are what you want to hear, live them! Because for you that is life, the nature of a beautiful feeling that is lived in the heart and soul, and is expressed with the magic, tenderness and sweetness of very beautiful words. Cruel silence! This one, in which only you listen to me when you want, that treatment of yours only with my words, thus killing just by sighing our souls that yearn to achieve a heart-to-heart dialogue, where the words surpass us, to achieve the opportunity, where our bodies come together and merge into one, and within our breasts feel the spark that ignites our lives, and as a ship that is shipwrecked, and that sinks in the deep and turbulent waters of the seas, so I sink into the pantious waters of your love, and see and feel how passion explodes us, when my troubled river flows into your sea, and get drunk with love and achieve eternity in a time that seems to stop, with a kiss of your honey lips, never end. By Derwell J Fallu


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