A powerful miracle!

Many people, like me, know, and we cannot deny, that despite the fact that, on our island many have forgotten, and have turned their backs on God, the Lord has been very merciful to our people. For sample, a button; you just have to see the huge amount of earthquakes that in recent months have been occurring in Puerto Rico, and incredibly, although many properties have suffered serious damage, no injured or deceased people have been recorded.
These are things, which we cannot attribute to chance, or good luck, and less to men’s intelligence. Definitely! God has had mercy on Puerto Rico, despite the fact that many of our leaders and rulers, out of ambition, greed and the disease of wanting to be powerful, have sold our island to sin. We have seen as people of this kind, they have negotiated with our corrupt and high-level sinners our dignity and our values ​​as a people and as a society, thereby compromising our integrity and our relationship with the powerful, the divine creator of all things. , and sole owner of the world we live in; God. By Derwell J Fallu


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