In my dream!

I dreamed
we’ve made love so many times
that the rain has fallen on the roof
and we have even seen
in the window, as the moon dawns us
that upon waking up every morning
your look on mine
I’ve seen in your eyes
and I felt your soul in my soul
In your lips
a sweet smile drawn
I drank drop by drop
Of the sweet nectar from the kisses of your mouth,
in my dream
I have traveled every space of your body with my hands
and rubbing your skin on my skin
It has ignited with passion, that fire
like a bonfire that never goes out
our bodies get hot
under the sheets, and
while we make love,
and again,
we are surprised by the morning
and on the branch of that tree
you hear a bird chirping, and I
I want to wake up from sleep
to do with you awake,
Everything we did dreaming.
By Derwell J Fallu


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