A powerful, unmissable message!

A powerful, unmissable message!
One day, I wanted to talk about God to a high army officer. But he quickly cut me! He told me that it was useless for me to try to persuade him of that, because he was convinced that God does not exist; unless I proved otherwise. I asked him, if he could show me that God did not exist, beyond any reasonable doubt. He answered; that he couldn’t. So, what, I said: If I can’t show you that God exists, and you can’t show me that it doesn’t exist, wouldn’t it be smarter to accept that it does exist? Because if believing it doesn’t exist, it really didn’t exist; nothing would happen. But if believing that it does not exist, then there would be terrible damage! For all that is said, it would be the horrible consequences for all who do not believe in God, and for all who disobey him. He told me: it’s true! What do I have to do? I wonder. Get on your knees there, and I will guide you in a prayer so that you have a reconciliation with your son Jesus Christ, and the Lord can forgive and receive you, and you will see, that after prayer, you will never be the same. So he did it; and he told me, now I can testify that God exists, not because no one has convinced me of it, but because I have had a powerful experience with God within my heart. By Derwell J Fallu
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