Care with Anibal Acevedo Vila! Forbidden to forget.

Nothing personal; but I wish to bring to the memory of the entire Puerto Rican people, that in my opinion, one of the people, who as leader in an important public position, at the service of the people of Puerto Rico, Anibal Acevedo Vila, has been one of the people who most damage has done to this country. Just remember, as governor, you overloaded the government payroll, in order to fulfill your campaign offer, without taking into account at all, the consequences that this would bring to the battered economy of the country. He was such a corrupt man, that his criminal actions were echoed in court, with more than 15 charges for corruption, not to mention, that to get rid well, he was made of the best lawyers the world has ever known, with fees tariffs, about five hundred dollars an hour. A question that many in the country have asked ourselves; Where did this man get so much money to pay such expensive lawyers? The answer is simple; from the pockets of the town. Acevedo Vila, surely thinks that the town has forgotten, as this man made fun of Puerto Ricans. And now he wants to come to the media, with his appearance of white popcorn, as if he really cares about the future of this country. If this man had a little conscience, he should be crying for all the damage he did to the people of Puerto Rico, but no; not satisfied with that he wants to come, like a venomous snake to bite with his poison, to finish what he started. Anibal, stop it! take care to get on your knees, and ask God for forgiveness for the damage that with your greed and ambition, you did to the people of Puerto Rico. By Derwell J Fallu


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