The faith of conformity:

There are very poor people who have revolutionized the world and left their mark, that no one can ever erase. For an example, Sister Teresa of Calcutta, no one who knows her love story for God and for her neighbor, will see life the same. The world needs more people like her. Some people tell me; You don’t worry much about anyone, because you’re going to go crazy and you won’t be able to fix the world. Precisely what has this world upside down is the indifference to the needs of the most vulnerable. Even religious people, from the church, who claim to have God in their hearts, but who only settle for believing that, but don’t realize, that God desires more people who believe Him, but think of him poor, that they show the world true love for God and neighbor, as did Sister Teresa of Calcutta against all odds, even though she was not from a conservative group, she practiced the love she learned from her faith in God . Today people are more concerned with competition for making money, than for living the experience of truly loving. Blessed! He who thinks of the poor man, because on the bad day, Jehovah will deliver him. I have no greater reason in life than this need that I have to think about others and to do everything that love for my Lord and for my neighbor allows me to do. The faith of conformity has many seated, just mentioning biblical quotes, saying; is that this has to be accomplished, when in reality God wants us to do much more than just that. By Derwell J Fallu


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