You could not believe this!

I know someone who has a lot of money, and works, as few people do in life, and this person lives accumulating money, as if this person is never to die. Many times he has breakfast with cookies, or bread and a pot of sausages. Looking at the naked eye, it seems a very poor person, by how you saw and by feeding. He loves to buy old vehicles, which have no air conditioning, no airbags, and that look very much like scrap metal. His excuse for buying such discarded vehicles is that new vehicles get damaged very soon, and very easily, and that, in addition, one has to know how to invest money, because, why give so much money for a new vehicle When at least, can you have an old one and that provides almost equal service? If you go to his house, this house has an aspect, which it would have, if a person, who suffers from his mental faculties, lives in it. You will see in his house, almost everything that people have thrown away; This person says, they are things that you may need at the time. I have tried to persuade a change, this person in a thousand ways, but I have not succeeded. This person has some issues that seem part of a personal philosophy, which worries me a lot! He says that he likes to work in the old fashion, without comforts or technologies, because he says that very difficult days will come, and that, if we are very comfortable now, then, when those days come, it would be very difficult to adapt to living in them, but that if he suffers now, he would be, thus, prepared for when those days arrive. Perhaps, to some extent, I must be right, but I would not stop living my present better, because I was thinking that an adverse future might surprise me in time. The truth, in this world there is everything, things we could not even imagine! By Derwell J Fallu


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