We can love each other.

I was watching your photo album, and the truth, you look spectacular! Congratulations! I am also sorry for your mother, it is very moving love you showed your parents, that really shocked me a lot! On the other hand, each photograph of you exposes all the sadness with which, your experiences of those days, and sad moments, marked your life. Since, you seem to be, of those people that we know the value of loving, and of being loved, and that we are going to that! To deliver us! Hoping to find the same thing we carry. So, when it turns out, that it is not so, we go through life with the felt soul, the heart constricts us, and the taste of what one day was sweet to the palate, becomes so bitter! It makes me happy to know that we are friends now, and that we can love each other. By Derwell J Fallu


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