Coronavirus is a worldwide threat!

Coronavirus is a deadly threat to the world! Due to this impending reality, I believe that, although it sounds cruel, tourist trips should be suspended until control of this situation, which has the entire world in check, can be taken. If due to this, in some countries, trying to control the spread of this deadly virus, they have closed schools, universities, companies, canceled activities where many people attend, etc., I believe that the entry of cruise ships should be suspended, with tourist destinations, and avoid traveling, for now, unless this is really necessary. The virus spreads very easily, and the most worrying thing is that, beyond the preventive resources we have, there is no vaccine or medication at the moment, with which we can counteract the spread of this deadly virus. So, I call on the relevant authorities, to take into consideration my suggestion notice, related to the threat posed by this deadly virus, which keeps the world population in check. By Derwell J Fallu


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