Companion of life.

Morning woman, that when I wake up every day, when I open my eyes, you are the first thing my eyes look at, and that beautiful smile drawn on your dream lips, which makes my day . Look at your sensual body; That sculptural figure! That by my side you are on our bed, just when I wake up, and the first rays of the light of the new day begin to enter through the window of our room, it reminds me, that I am no longer alone, because you were your Last, that, when going to sleep the hours of our night of love, my eyes saw. Woman! My beloved, companion of life, with whom I go on the path to the eternal, living the love and happiness of knowing you so special in my life; Here we go, you and I, interweaving dreams, conquering the successes of our goals achieved, until the end, when the days end, where life ends. By Derwell J Fallu


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