A battle for Health AND For Life!

We are going through a terrible world emergency, because of this, I think that we should all be responsible, with the message that we want to communicate, since, the threat, risks and dangers that we are all exposed to, because of this virus deadly, it is imminent! It is a battle against a viral element, of which, at the moment, we do not have any proven resource to combat it, beyond the preventive measures that we all must take. Disinformation, speculative and false messages will not help people at all, let’s be responsible, this is a very real and deadly battle, from which no one is excepted, this is one of the few events in life, in which all the countries and people of the world, equally we run the same risks, the same dangers, and we fight the same battle for health and for life. Please, do not use the media and social networks irresponsibly, to share messages that do not contribute anything positive to our fight against this deadly virus, let us pay attention to all the preventive resources we have, because, for now, it is what The only thing we can do against this powerful enemy that is already claiming many victims worldwide. Our SGS Network is available to all serious people who need an unlimited contact and communication resource. We have free online video calls, a blog, discussion forums, real-time chat rooms, and many other resources that our Network can offer to a world without borders. With all my love and affection, a fraternal greeting and virtual hug for all. If the purpose that unites us is the same, we also came out of this, the war against the Coronavirus, united we will all win! By Derwell J Fallu Creator https://www.centrovirtualprincipe437.org


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