Foundation, Rescued by a Dream.

True friends support each other. And mine, my people who believe in me, are witnessing that, with a “Dream” I have come out of nowhere; below, to show the world that big dreams can be achieved by anyone. You just have to have passion, and a clear vision of what we want, and a good road map, which not only indicates the way forward, but also contains a good plan of what we should do for that dream. . My dream is big, very big! Because I am not moved by the ambition to have wealth, a lot of money, no! My dream is great, because I am going to the rescue of forgotten people, of those people who have been left behind, of those who need, more than just a helping hand, a heart full of love for others and mercy. My tool, my resource to achieve this dream; SGS Social Network, and here we go, step by step, but here we are raising flags for those who have been victims of an unfortunate fate that has taken away their will, and stolen their right to dream; we go for the addicts and homeless people, to rescue them for a Dream, for this we also count on you; help us to help! By Derwell J Fallu
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Foundation, rescued by a dream.
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SGS requests your collaboration, to help with your donation to the project of an apartment complex, which the organization Rescued for a Dream, will build to take our addicts and homeless people off the streets and give them an opportunity to regain control of their lives, for more information, please visit our website at the following link. Thank you for your donation., or contact us at the Telephone: {787} 980 5028

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