May the devil take the undocumented!

May the devil take the undocumented!

Something very curious! The emergency that the world is experiencing, due to the Coronavirus, apparently does not apply to people called undocumented, those who, for whatever reasons, have not been able to fix their immigration status. Where is the love of neighbor in times of global crisis like those we are experiencing today? The help and attention, we see that they are only applicable to those who have an Ok status. The truth that humanity does not learn, does not finish understanding its divine creator. That the devil takes the unfortunates who have no papers, that seems to be the government’s slogan. Where is the human sensitivity? The truth is that this is so embarrassing! That cruel and inhuman way in which we see the government handle an emergency that does not discriminate against blacks or whites; rich or poor, who do not distinguish titles or ranks, but the callous they can respect people, they can discriminate when it comes to dividing what is supposed to belong to everyone. Praise our God and heavenly Father, who judges with fairness and justice. By Derwell J Fallu


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