We save the Kitty from the Piñero Ave!

By the preventive measures of the curfew and the quarantine, to which the country is subjected, due to the mortal threat by the Coronavirus, the streets of our cities and towns can be seen, almost empty. But in the morning of today, I was traveling on Piñero Ave, in the direction of Puerto Nuevo towards Río Piedras, and just in a traffic light, I saw a small kitten, a few days old, that without noticing the danger, He got under one of the three cars that we were waiting for the light change to continue. Two of the drivers who got to see the kitten, tried to warn the driver where the kitten was under the car, so that he did not crush the defenseless animal. Quickly I got out of my car, and put the cat safe. It all happened so fast! That I forgot to take some pictures of the kitten for the memory. The great instinct for concern, to save the cat’s life, was so evident! And so, in these days of global emergency due to the Coronavirus, our vulnerable population of addicts and homeless people is in danger of illness and death, like that kitten that is the protagonist of our history. But neither the government, nor many people, seem to care much about what our addicts and homeless people are going through about the Coronavirus. But I am concerned about them, and I am summoning sensitive and human people, who, like me, feel for this vulnerable population that needs our love, our mercy and our urgent help. Our project Rescued For a Dream, a resource that has been created to help our addicts and homeless people, needs the collaboration and support of all of you to save this population that is lost to us in vice, abandonment and misery . Please help us help. To learn more about our initiative for addicts and homeless people, visit our SGS Social Network platform at the following link: https://www.centrovirtualprincipe437.org
By Derwell J Fallu
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