The Covid-19 has at least 4 things that are lethal; Num. 1- various ways in which rapid spread can be experienced, num. 2- victims can die very quickly, num. 3- it turns into a minefield, to the asymptomatic people, because a person who does not present the symptoms, but who is infested with the virus, is like an enemy infiltrated in the war that can do a lot of damage, and num. 4- the advantage that it has over us, is that we do not have a certified weapon to counterattack, beyond, only the poor preventive measures, which although they are alone, the only resource that we have against the virus, however, they are weapons double-edged, because they also lacerate and destroy the world’s economy. It is surprising the way in which this deadly virus has been taking position in all the countries, towns and cities of the world. Places that one hears that they have not been registered infected, or perhaps very few, but that in just weeks, the infected and fatalities are counted by thousands, as is the case of the United Kingdom, of which there were no known cases of the Coronavirus barely a few weeks ago, but now there are already more than 3,600 dead, and 138,700 infected, and Germany was not mentioned among the infected, but there are already more than 1,000 dead and almost 80,000 infected. In Russia until recently, they were not counted infected, but there are already 7 dead and 440 people with the covid-19. It is impressive how this virus has been spreading in all the countries of the world. We are facing a historical pandemic never before seen, where possibly, to continue on this trajectory of terror and death, in the twilight of the existence of this virus, the dead could be counted by millions. By Derwell J Fallu


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