Message Directed to the American Government.

This message is addressed to the people of the American government with whom I am in constant contact: Very respected, ladies and gentlemen, members of the executive branch and the different government agencies, this is my request for the people of Puerto Rico, for me beloved people, I know that for obvious reasons, of cases of corruption, on the part of our political leadership, all credibility and confidence have been lost, however; These should not be the reasons for you government people to abandon the Puerto Rican people to their fate, under the pretext of knowing about our corrupt leaders.

This, the truth is sad! But the American government must not forget that we are not only Puerto Ricans, but that we are true Americans as well, that not because we were born in the Caribbean, we are not therefore Americans, because we really are. And the American nation is characterized by the way it watches over and cares for its American citizens. This suggests that the assistance that our people need from our nation should not be stopped, just because some corrupt politicians have been in charge of managing our resources inefficiently.
I believe that the correct measures are not those of retracting or withholding the aid available to the people due to the mismanagement of resources by our politicians, but rather that mechanisms should be implemented to guarantee that, despite our corrupt politicians , help reach those who have to. I want to remind the US government that there are no difficult cases to handle, what can exist are people who lack the capacity to handle cases. For this reason, I beg you, before you think about the corrupt politicians who have brought our country to this sad story of failure and misery, you start to think about the people and the most convenient measures to help citizens in a timely manner. Puerto Rican Americans.
I trust that you will think about it, because it must be a shame, not for the corrupt people, but for the American nation, that almost two years after the passing of the hurricane Maria, still in Puerto Rico there are people with the roof in blue, which means that the help that the good government is obliged to offer its citizens has not arrived. By Derwell J Fallu


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