The press is the voice of the people!

The press, as news media, represents the voice of the people, of each citizen, and trying to silence the press by not allowing anyone who has to be questioned to be questioned, is the same as silencing the voice of all citizens. The decision made by the government of Puerto Rico, not to allow the press to ask questions to this government body, apparently arises, due to the public complaint by the news media, about the government’s attempt to buy Covid-19 test kits from Apex General Contractors. A suspicious action, which did not achieve its effectiveness, thanks to the complaint by the press. Incidentally, an investigation is currently being carried out into these events, and the Fiscal Control Board alleges that the government apparently has not wanted to deliver the documents, so this body has been forced to issue an ultimatum. , so that the corresponding persons voluntarily submit said documents, and others who are in the same way, in the investigation process. I, particularly, believe that the authorities should not give these people so much time to comply with the delivery of documents in these cases of suspected acts of corruption, to prevent fraud and deception artists from having the opportunity to disguise and make up reports, which hinders the progress of a serious investigation. By Derwell J Fallu


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